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LEAP's Training Services

 "What you do today can improve your tomorrows"

Ralph Marston


"Your Best LEAP Yet is Here!"

Personal & Professional EXCELLENCE

LEAP Association’s training services are dedicated to providing powerful interactive transformational workshops that promote business and soft-skills development. We take pride in supporting organizations and their initiatives to help guide and direct their business toward the next plateau of growth; enabling them to experience continuous improvement with high impact while reaching their full potential and optimal success.

LEAP Leadership Coaching Series

The L.E.A.P. Leadership Coaching Series and the related modules are designed to bring focus
to key areas within twenty-eight (28) competencies. Creating optimal learning and experience for
synergy of Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity, creates LEAP United.

Creating the LEAP United experience, involves strategy to identify the key areas of growth to
optimize continuous improvement both personally and professionally. 

The LEAP Leadership Coaching Series, Leadership Development Programs, utilizes practical
and innovative strategies to create the best experience in all four areas of the LEAP acronym.
These strategies will provide framework for each session. Accordingly, assessments, gap
analysis and other resources are used to facilitate optimal success within the following key criteria:

LEAP Personal and Professional Development  Areas Include
Leadership * Effectiveness * Accountability * Productivity 



Leading Self 

Leading others

Leading Projects/Programs

Leading Transformation/Change
Coaching improves the ability to perform at higher levels while developing a stronger character and overall fulfillment......which results in increased bottom line profitability.

Coaching creates a supportive atmosphere that improves morale and loyalty thereby boosting productivity and reduced turnover. Coaching plus Action delivers results!
Accountability Management
LEAP Association specializes in Assessments. Gaining the perspective needs of each client is the foundation of the LEAP experience. Each action assessment tool connects to Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity. 
Productivity Training
LEAP training services delivers highly interactive, motivational and inspired learning. Our custom designed, hands-on workshops and sessions, are developed to ensure everyone has a consistent experience for improvement of personal and professional skills within LEAP's 4 training area.  
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