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LEAP Association  Presents 



Group Coaching

Training for a Crown that will last Forever!

Everyone Benefits from a Lift in Life!

Featuring International

Speaker & Trainer

Coach Aaron Wright Jr.

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Empowering you to crystallize your dreams and live a thriving life!

❑  Learn the Qualities of Thriving and how to create them

❑  Learn the 3 KEY’s to Truly Change and experience your goals

❑  Learn the Power of Vision, it’s significance, and lift your life

Your LifeLift Training Includes:

*The Biology of Thriving *Strategy to Connect to the Power of Vision *How Mindset

Matters for Your LifeLift *The Essential Understanding to Experience Thriving n Life

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Our goal is to lift your life, your heath, your wealth! Each component of

the LifeLift training workshop brings what matters most to the front of your

thinking, allowing you to truly embrace what you’re capable of!

Don’t miss this workshop! Contact LEAP today for your FREE LifeLift!

LEAP Services and Results are 100% Guaranteed

  LEAP's Life Lift Workshop

Our goal is for you to enjoy life more, and our services are fully guaranteed. LEAP’s proven strategies and coaching techniques help you to develop more wisdom and a life style of continuous improvement.  Each component of the webinar workshop will help you crystalize and experience your dreams within the fullness of a thriving life!

Healthy, positive relationships come from having an accurate understanding of yourself and others. The Life Lift workshop, with the incorporated DiSC personality assessment, is a powerful experience for obtaining a new appreciation for relationship building. Knowing the criteria in the difference in personalities and their effect on our everyday lives makes the difference in our Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Performance, and without question give you the skills to Always LEAP Higher!

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