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12 Ways to Experience the Greater Power of Diversity 


 Communicate Employee Value

 Evaluate Bias for Awareness & Change strategies

 Cultivate a 

Culture of Inclusion

The goal of a leader  includes ensuring every employee knows their  importance, and each employee has value to add to the team. Leading by creating a culture of inclusion allows everyone to feel welcomed no matter their race, sex, or gender. A leader's communications, decisions, interactions and projects are guided through the values of the company.


 Create Diverse Teams

 Encourage Dialogue Daily

 Implement Ongoing Learning 

Ongoing training sets the examples for the company's values that are evident within the organization's culture. Creating diverse team members at all levels of the organization will ensure that team members see the humanistic qualities in people of different backgrounds. Effectiveness happens by consistent training, measurement and an ongoing cadence of learning.


  Create & Practice
Great Habits

  Initiate Accountability Management
  Maintain & Highlight Company Values

Create diversity and inclusion as a core value and develop a set of accountable habits to experience the power of diversity. Transform the workplace into an inclusive environment where teams appreciate and respect the strengths afforded by differences in the styles, ideas, and organizational contributions of each person. Celebrate to recognize employees who demonstrate acceptable and appropriate behaviors in diversity.


Develop a Pressure plan

Increase Proactiveness

Celebrate Diverse    Communications

Diversity includes mindset and appreciating differences by remaining proactive. An effort to ensure employees understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity, organizations develop training that is mandatory for all to complete. Creating a pressure plan involves a collective conversation where people are trained to think through the situation from all perspectives and anticipate the consequences of their decisions. 

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