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LEAP Association


Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability & Productivity


LEAP Association, Inc. acts as an agent to empower organizations to improve performance,

prevent stagnation, enhance the quality of business and proactively manage change.

Furthermore, LEAP’s empowerment methods have a proven ability to enable our clients and

organizations to be more effective in focused areas of business and life.


LEAP Association’s Business Services (LBS) includes executive coaching and transformational

workshops, featuring interactive soft-skill training that improves communication and team

development while enhancing effectiveness. All which help our clients and organizations realize

their vision and mission for success.


LEAP Association’s Business Services are rendered within our client’s organizational agenda.

Our services bring focus and integration of the methods, programs, tools, techniques, and

assessment systems that support human development at the individual and team levels. At the

conceptual level, LBS includes the following four foundational qualities:


Leadership - Effectiveness - Accountability - Productivity


Personal or professional development requires a framework in order to determine whether change

has actually occurred. In the case of personal development, an individual often functions as the

primary judge of improvement, but in the case of evaluating professional improvements,

standards and customized criteria are required.


Assessment criteria may include established goals, benchmarks and/ or assessments that define

the end-points, strategies or plans for reaching objectives. Measurement and assessment of

progress levels or stages that define milestones along a development path require a feedback

system to provide information on changes. LEAP Association incorporates a continuous

improvement strategy for development.

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