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LEAP Association  Presents 

Complimentary Workshop 
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Featuring International

Speaker & Trainer

Coach Aaron Wright Jr.


Nutrition for Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity!

Lunch to LEAP Higher! 

Everyone Benefits from a LEAP - through - Lunch

LEAP-through- Lunch

  • Provides Tailored LEAP Association Introduction of Development Services

  • Creates Highly Effective Team Building and Team Building Activities

  • Is Ideal for New Program Introductions or Highlights of Internal or External Programs

  • Can be an Customized for Training or Coaching Series Criteria

  • Accelerates Individual & Team Buy-In Conversations and Desired Outcomes

  • Brings Focus to Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability, Productivity Development Series

Attend this Free Lunch and make this season full of your best LEAP yet!

Registration is Required and Workshops are Limited!

Our Complimentary LEAP - through - Lunch Features:

*Qualified Complimentary Lunch at Your Location for up to five (5) partiscipants.

*Tailored Content of up to two (2) of  LEAP's 28 Featured Competencies.

*Hands on Interactive Engagement Designed to Reinforce Audience Specific Criteria.

*Special Development Considerations for Each Participant.

Register today to receive participation instructions and the related details.

Empowering you to crystallize your dreams and live a thriving life!

Our goal is to optimize the personal and professional experience of our clients! Each component of

your LEAP-through-Lunch brings what matters most to your consideration, allowing you to truly embrace the possibilities!

Don’t miss this special opportunity!

LEAP Services and Results are 100% Guaranteed

LEAP’s proven training strategies and coaching services help you, your team and your business to develop optimal continuous improvement.  LEAP-through-Lunch is a fantastic opportunity to gain the insights and experience to create a high level of comfort with LEAP's programs and services featuring Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity!

In-fact, we guarantee results! How can you tell up front if LEAP’s services are really worthwhile? You can speak with as many of our client references as needed for one.  In addition, when you've had the benefit of our expertise can you decide. Your ultimate evaluation of your results comes within the first hour of our services. Once you've had a full hour with us, if for any reason at all, you don't feel you will achieve the results you're looking for within our services, LEAP Association will return your investment! We're confident LEAP Association’s Training and Coaching Services will create measurable results for you, your team and your business!  Make this season full of your best LEAP yet!  Register today for your complimentary LEAP-through-Lunch and Always LEAP Higher! 

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