Experience the Benefits of Coaching

Unlike training, coaching focuses very specifically on specific issues. Thus it becomes a speedy way to improve skills and to achieve personal and professional development.
LEAP's coaching gives a dispassionate ear and opinion that enables them to set goals and work towards them. The coaching sessions use objective feedback to drive the thought processes forward.



Leading Self

Leading others

Leading Projects/Programs

Leading Transformation/Change


Coaching improves the ability to perform at higher levels while developing a stronger character and overall fulfillment......which results in increased bottom line profitability. Coaching creates a supportive atmosphere that improves morale and loyalty thereby boosting productivity and reduced turnover. Coaching plus Action delivers results!

Accountability Management

LEAP Association specializes in Assessments. Gaining the perspective needs of each client is the foundation of the LEAP experience. Each action assessment tool connects to Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity. 

Productivity Training


LEAP training services delivers highly interactive, motivational and inspired learning. Our custom designed, hands-on workshops and sessions, are developed to ensure everyone has a consistent experience for improvement of personal and professional skills within LEAP's 4 training area.  

LEAP Clients are Empowered to:

* Crystallize vision, build alignment and implementation strategies,featuring accountability within related missions.

* Adopt and apply the key behaviors that build, maintain, and restore trust.

* Apply emotional intelligence to a board variety of situations within decision making and conflict resolution. 

* Learn how to thrive (personally and professionally) while contributing as a dynamic team member.

* Apply a systematic process to achieve the organizations vision, mission and strategic goals.

* Identify and practice methods of relationship building that promotes team spirit, morale, loyalty, and cooperation.

To experience continuous improvement, organizations must create ambitious goals and set high expectations to constantly achieve excellent results. To fulfill their  vision, and it is vital organizations execute with a foundation of understanding at each functional level with vibrant standards.



LEAP Association is dedicated to providing interactive transformational workshops / seminars that promote personal and professional development. 

We take pride in supporting organizations and their initiatives to guide and direct their business and organization toward the next acme of success; enabling, them to reach their full potential. 

Leap Association has a team of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in providing exceptional professional and personal development. Schedule a Coaching Session to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants today!