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At LEAP Association, our associates focus on achievement through innovation.


We leverage our talented and experienced consultants to execute through technical excellence,

proven methodologies, and a commitment to providing superior service.

 "Good leadership consists of showing average people
how to do the work of superior people."

John D. Rockefeller

Aaron Wright Jr., BS, RCC

Executive Director

Aaron Wright Jr. is a registered corporate coach and a certified Master DISC Trainer, who has contributed to the success of a host of prominent organizations in the areas of business, professional & personal development. 

Aaron has over 20 years of experience of a human resource development specialist. In addition to a Bachelor's of Science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. Upon acquiring his engineering degree, Aaron started working for NASA in Houston Texas.

The early phase of his career included training astronauts, using NASA's shuttle Mission Simulator, which Aaron describes as "the best video game in the world"! Within his first year at NASA, Aaron was promoted to management. His gift of maximizing the full potential in people became apparent and he has been going strong ever since. 

Aaron is internationally known and has emerged as a sculptor of personal and professional excellence. From keynote addresses, to training services, Aaron has a proven record of creating measurable growth and progression for today's business professionals. 

LEAP Association specializes in continuous improvement in Leadership , Effectiveness, Accountability & Productivity featuring executive coaching and customized workshops within inspiring and motivational development services embodying the company's theme:

"Personal & Professional  Excellence"

April Lynn

Communication Director

April Lynn has over 15 years of experience in leadership and management training for large corporations such as FedEx Office and Office Depot. Additionally, she has several years of sales and sales management experience. 

Becoming a small business owner herself, April left the corporate sector and focused on small business development and training. For nearly 17 years, April has specialized in administration management, including human resources. As a consulting and personnel manager for several small businesses, April has developed an exemplary reputation in recruitment, placement, and professional development. 

Meshi Avery, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

LEAP Consultant

MeShi Avery, has an expansive career in the field of human services and education. With over 15 years of experience dedicated to empowering students toward success, her passion derives from her own personal challenges of once being a disadvantaged inner city youth overcoming dire academic and social-economic circumstances. 
MeShi's path was redirected in a manner that profoundly changed her destiny. It is because of her proven and sound leadership, her keen understanding that "whom much is given, much is required" and her firm belief that all students can achieve, she is the embodiment of the vision, mission and values of which our organization stands. 

Warren R. Turner

LEAP Consultant

Warren R. Turner began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. in the mid-1980s, working primarily with publicly owned and privately held clients in the high technology, manufacturing, and distribution industries. In 1993, he left Andersen as an Enterprise Group Manager to join Dickens Data Systems, Inc., as its Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President. 

Over the next five years, he helped transform the company from a small high tech manufacturer to the leading IBM distributor of midrange systems, and, in 1998, he helped Dickens realize its exit strategy of being acquired by a large public company. As a Partner and founder of Cardinal Points Group, LLC, since 1998, he guides owners and executives of value-added technology resellers, distributors, manufacturers, and independent software vendors in business planning, strategy formulation (growth and exit, services transformation), organization structure, business measurements and controls, as well as finance. A passionate advocate of small- and medium-sized businesses, Warren has co-authored and developed several financial management courses for technology resellers and solutions providers. 

He has taught and shared his insights with thousands of technology resellers and solutions providers, both domestically and internationally. He was also the driving force behind IBM's Business Transformation Initiative (BTI) that Warren authored and has taught globally to resellers. In 2000, Warren also founded (Andersen Alumni Association) which has become the largest social network dedicated to helping alumni and retirees of Arthur Andersen & Co, Andersen Worldwide, and Arthur Andersen LLP, reconnect and stay in touch.

Portia Wayne, M.Ed, Ed.D.
LEAP Consultants 
Portia Wayne has over five years experience as a freelance writer and blogger. She supports the thought that when you know better, you do better by providing readers with relevant and insightful information.  She is knowledgeable in business, education and administration and specializes in blog posts, articles, newsletters and site content.  Wayne works closely with non-profit organizations, B2B and B2C companies providing useful and engaging content that converts viewers into customers. Portia’s previous experience as Institutional Review Board Member and Campus Review Board Research Advisor have afforded her the opportunity to become an expert in both research and content writing. When she isn’t writing, Dr. Wayne is advocating for literacy in urban communities surrounding the greater Atlanta metro area.
Larry Jennings

LEAP Consultant 


Author, Public Speaker and Web Development Professional, Larry Jennings, brings over 40 years of successful sales and marketing campaigns with a variety of organizations nationwide. Larry's previous experience as a National Sales Trainer for Sharp Electronics Corporation and District Sales Manager for an international business products manufacturer has given him a wealth of in-depth knowledge. Now, his unique perspective and expertise provides our clients website design services with a fresh, innovative approach to better position them for growth and success. CapSure Studios' unique web design, links the best in every phase of business commerce development, whether it is e-commerce, product or company branding, digital marketing or social media management.

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