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 What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. 

Ralph Marston

Leadership Development Training

Training is teaching, and developing in oneself and others, all skills and knowledge that relate to specific useful competencies.

Training has specific goals of improving one's leadership, effectiveness, accountability and Productivity.
LEAP Association training services are dedicated to providing powerful interactive transformational workshops that promotes business and soft skills development.

LEAP specializes in 4 mission critical areas and the related foundational competencies:


Vision Development & Alignment
Strategic Thinking
Decision making & Goal Setting
Leadership Influence
Creativity & Innovation
Collaboration & Negotiations
Competitive Advantage


Emotional Intelligence
Implementation & Execution
Relationship/Rapport Building
Effective Communication
Presentation Skills
Technical Proficiency
Customer Relations Management (CRM)


Trust Essentials
Interpersonal Skills
Energy Management
Accountability & Responsibility
Self-Confidence & Assertiveness
The Value of Values


Continuous Improvement Management
Change Management
Team Building
Time Management
Conflict Management
Diversity Management
Meeting Management

LEAP Clients are Empowered to:

  • Crystalize vision, build alignment and implementation strategies, featuring accountability within related missions
  • Adopt and apply the key behaviors that build, maintain and restore trust
  • Apply emotional intelligence to a broad variety of situations within decision making and conflict resolution
  • Learn how to thrive (personally and professionally) while contributing as a dynamic team member
  • Apply a systematic process to achieve the organizations vision, mission and strategic goals
  • Identify and practice methods of relationship building that promotes team spirit , moral, loyalty and cooperation
To experience continuous improvement, organizations must create ambitious goals and set high expectations to constantly achieve excellent results. To fulfill their vision, it is vital organizations execute with a foundation of understanding at each functional level with vibrant standards.

LEAP services create measurable value within Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Productivity. Aligning criteria to create a systematic and effective process aimed at helping organizations achieve higher levels of success within their vision, mission(s) and strategic goals. We help our clients to improve effectiveness, empower employees, streamline the decision-making process and develop leaders. Development that aligns organizational, team and individual goals to create continuous improvement and optimal Productivity. Our lively, interactive and transformational workshops are structured in a manner that allows participants to create and apply success strategies. Ultimately crystallizing and experiencing the highest levels of business success. Each level of learning is reinforced with accountability strategies before, during and after in class or webinar interactions

Our clients discover new ways to accelerate success and to embrace competence and commitment at higher levels that can immediately be applied to life and business. Utilizing best practices and innovations in business and personal / professional development, LEAP customizes its services and programs to the needs of any business setting. LEAP delivers strategy, techniques and assessments tools, with unique facilitation styles, that ensure the experience of... "Leadership Development Excellence"

About Us

LEAP Association is dedicated to providing interactive transformational workshops / seminars that promote personal and professional development.

We take pride in supporting organizations and their initiatives to guide and direct their business and organization toward the next acme of success; enabling, them to reach their full potential.

Leap Association has a team of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in providing exceptional professional and personal development. Schedule a Free Consultation and speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants.