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 Leaders must be close enough to relate to others,
but far enough ahead to motivate them. 

John C. Maxwell

What our clients are saying about LEAP

LEAP Association's goal is to enable our clients to experience more satisfying and productive lives by Energizing Thriving and Optimal Success.

At LEAP Association, We Build Leaders!

LEAP Association works side-by-side with our clients and assumes a wide range of roles to assist in business and professional development.

LEAP is well-equipped to facilitate change and growth, working directly or indirectly with clients to practice continuous improvement strategies within the experience of their vision, mission, values and goals.

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This was a very enlightening course which was exactly what I needed. I realize now how Emotional Intelligence plays a big roll in work and life. I'm forever changed. Thanks!!!

R. Washington - NCR Corporation Georgia
Excellent delivery, presenter engaged the students and was very passionate about the topic. The entire program was very insightful and very well delivered. Probably one of the most useful classes I have taken and I will apply the skills in my academic and personal life.

T. Payne - Georgia State University
I appreciate your tenacity at getting us to participate and show enthusiasm. I didn't realize how much I have let my experience influence my feelings instead of choosing to be happy. Thank you!

L. Hunt - Oglethorpe Power
I really enjoyed the last two days- in 11 years with the company I've never felt so empowered to make a difference not only for my job, but for myself. Thank you!

J. Phillips - NCR Corporation Florida
Aaron was very clear and approachable. The most impactful portion was the concept of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self management. I will apply them at my job with my colleagues and my manager.

A. Carklum - IBM
The seminar was presented extremely well. Aaron is a great speaker! He involved the audience, valued our input & made everyone feel valuable and appreciated. The information he presented is conducive to our work environment and will be productive and beneficial when put into action.

J. Wade - Georgia Perimeter College
I found the program to be most impactful for me when we went over the levels of leadership. I plan to use the skills discovered to broaden myself career. The presenter was very informative and provided an opportunity to show me how I can improve. I feel empowered to expand my professional and personal life. Thank you!

W. Turner - Cardinal Points
The portion of the program that was most impactful for me was learning the tools and breakdown of what time management was all about. The presenter was knowledgeable and engaging. The teaching methodology was very effective for learning.

W. Gee - Georgia Transmission Corporation