Choose a Thriving Life!
Successful, Prosperous and Flourishing, are all words used to express Living in Greatness every day. Too often however, people live their lives in stark contrast and far too many are frankly just Surviving. When merely surviving, life's challenges often creates feelings of being unhappy, unfulfilled or even indifferent at times. The challenge is these feelings have a tendency to persist, no matter how great or small change impacts life daily. In all, this happens when one's life's conditions don't meet their life expectations.

LEAP's Thriving strategy includes five critical aspects to clearly establish your life's expectations, in addition to the 12 Keys to Creating a GREAT Day Every Day. Putting you on the path to align your gifts and talents to optimize a fulfilling experience in life.


Thriving requires effective change!
Creating and experiencing effective change, includes embracing what is uniquely you and identifying your key strengths and areas of growth. All of which, has to be incorporated and proactively united to experience a Your LifeLift.

Your LifeLift Requires Effective Change, Including...
*Becoming aware of the unconscious forces that cause difficulties for change.

*Creating higher levels of self-confidence. Embracing 100% responsibility and accountability to improve through one's own efforts, regardless of conditions or circumstances.

*Understanding emotional intelligence in choosing appropriate behaviors, in precise and measurable ways.

LEAP's LifeLift uncovers the essential insights to embrace what is uniquely you, establishing the foundation for effective change.


Satisfaction is guaranteed!
Our goal is for you to enjoy life more, and our services are fully guaranteed. LEAP's proven strategies and coaching techniques help you to develop more wisdom and a life style of continuous improvement. Each component of the two-day session will help you crystallize and experience your dreams within the fullness of a thriving life!

Results Guaranteed - 100%

You want a high level of comfort and results you can continue to enjoy after Your LifeLift experience. That's why we focus on improving your wisdom, skills and life style aspects so you can continue improving after the session, effectively coaching yourself without us.

How can you tell up front if the Life Lift workshop is really worthwhile?

Only when you've had the benefit of our expertise can you decide. Your evaluation of your results comes within the first hours of the Your LifeLift Session. Once you've had a full hour of our time, if for any reason at all, you don't feel you will achieve the results you're looking for within the Your LifeLift workshop, LEAP Association will return your investment!