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 Leadership requires the courage to make decisions that will benefit the next generation. 

Alan Autry

WHAT IS COACHING with LEAP Association?

LEAP Association Coaches work to enable rapid development.

We also assist with specific problems that a board member, or senior manager, wants to work through outside of the normal business framework.

Coaching with LEAP Association

Unlike training, coaching focuses very specifically on specific issues. Thus it becomes a speedy way to improve skills and to achieve personal and professional development.

LEAP's coaching gives a dispassionate ear and opinion that enables them to set goals and work towards them. The coaching sessions use objective feedback to drive the thought processes forward through their issues.

Onboarding or Transitioning. When a board member or senior manager is promoted, coaching can quickly help develop and prepare for their new role. It is a very useful tool for assisting an individual who is transitioning from one area of responsibility to another at the same level.

Organizational Change. Coaching will support transformative business programs to ensure that leadership can keep pace with change.

Neutral Party Support. Sometimes there's a need to run ideas over a sounding board to be better able to articulate them in their own business.

Personal Effectiveness Programs. If they themselves play a coaching role, for example in their management position or during 360 degree review processes, coaching can help develop their own approach.

Coaching gives businesses a way of developing their senior staff in a cost-effective and timely manner. Coaching sessions enable the staff member to concentrate on the issues that are most critical to their Productivity, without the fluff of lengthy training courses. They allow the director or manager to remain at their post whilst developing, and thus don't take away from their contribution to the business.

About Us

LEAP Association is dedicated to providing interactive transformational workshops / seminars that promote personal and professional development.

We take pride in supporting organizations and their initiatives to guide and direct their business and organization toward the next acme of success; enabling, them to reach their full potential.

Leap Association has a team of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in providing exceptional professional and personal development. Schedule a Free Consultation and speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants.