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 People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.
The leader leads, and the boss drives. 

Theodore Roosevelt

Leadership Development Excellence

LEAP Business Services features 4 mission critical values and 28 foundational competencies:

Vision Development & Alignment
Strategic Thinking
Decision making & Goal Setting
Leadership Influence
Creativity & Innovation
Collaboration & Negotiations
Competitive Advantage
Emotional Intelligence
Implementation & Execution
Relationship/Rapport Building
Effective Communication
Presentation Skills
Technical Proficiency
Customer Relations Management (CRM)
Trust Essentials
Interpersonal Skills
Energy Management
Accountability & Responsibility
Self-Confidence & Assertiveness
The Value of Values
Continuous Improvement Management
Change Management
Team Building
Time Management
Conflict Management
Diversity Management
Meeting Management

"Everything rises or falls on leadership." John Maxwell. This quote expresses the importance of Leadership. To date the prevailing deliberation centers around this discussion, are leaders born or developed? With the insights of history and the power of global communications, it is clear that leadership is a combination of both, and both benefit from development. Everyone has the ability to lead in some capacity.

Today's leadership creates empowerment, engagement, employee involvement, knowledge management, job enrichment and coaching strategies. In the face of rapid change, keeping and creating a vision for the future while maintaining the highest level of excellence from day to day is the challege and the opportunity. Leap Association, provides leadership development and skilled based training services to assist your organization in today's competitive market place.

LEAP Association, and our dynamic team of trainers and couches incorporate proven assessment solutions, strategies, and techniques in creating higher levels of success. Together with LEAP, additional clarity and refinement focused on continuous improvements delivers measureable change. We will use an array of assessment tools to determine how you can reach your full potential. LEAP Association, helps to clarify and crystalize your vision through experiences to achieve the desired outcome. We'll teach the importance of leading by Influence, showing you how to go from vision to palpability. The LEAP Association process is designed to help you grow, develop and strengthen your leadership qualities, while teaching you techniques and skills that will move you from where to you are, to where want to be, the best leader. So take the LEAP!

In this fast pasted society everything comes at you in light speed. People want answers now, project deadlines are due now, but your next meeting is only five minutes away. At times like these, you need to be as effective as possible. Everything is pulling for your attention and you find yourself overwhelmed. You're working as hard as you can but not enough is being accomplished.

Understanding and embracing the principles and tools to achieve effectiveness is easy to embrace when you discover how the What, When and How is applied in focusing your time. At Leap Business we like the 80\20 rule, which teaches you how 20% of what you do drives 80% of your productivity.

We'll help you understand what that 20% is and show you that being consistent with its use will bring about real effectiveness that will show up in the harmony and rhythm of your everyday. LEAP trainers will demonstrate time management techniques that will help delegate that 20% most effectively, and show you how you manage your time relates directly to how you relate to others and provide quality service to your customers.

The A in LEAP is more than the word "accountability", it is one the core competencies developed and nurtured in our workshop training sessions. In leadership roles, accountability is the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies. Our skilled instructors teach that being accountable for our actions creates trust, one of the foundation blocks of being a leader in business and life.

Getting things done is another description for Productivity. Having knowledge, talent, skill and intellect accomplishes little if no action is taken. The LEAP Consultants understand and embody Productivity as all successful people do. The accomplishment of a given task measured against present know standards of accuracy and completeness. Productivity is deemed to be the fulfillment of an obligation. Our goal is to transform workshop participants into not only performers, but top performers.

We Build Leaders!

All of us are born with certain talents but when you channel these skills with focus and direction, you build leaders!

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